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Get Started

Let's get started to track your campaign and conversions, follow these 4 steps:

Step 1. Add tracking script and offer URL to landing page

The first step to start tracking is to add our universal tracking script to your landing page.

The universal tracking script will automaticlly tracking all ads visits, clicks, form submissions and organic traffic on your page.

Go to Settings >> Tracking.


Select the domain and then paste the script in-between the <head></head> code of your landing pages.

Then add your offer url to CTA button on landing pages, use {mc_click_id} as click id placeholder, e.g &sub1={mc_click_id}, &s2={mc_click_id}, or &aff_sub2={mc_click_id}...etc.

Your page source code should looks like below:


Step 2. Add traffic source details

Add the details of the traffic source where you buy traffic. MaxConv have 170+ pre-built templates for most traffic source in the industry, you can choose one of them, or create a custom traffic source.


Traffic sources with "Integration" badge have integrated with their API, which brings the ability to send conversions back to the ad network and sync spent data to MaxConv.

Learn more about Traffic Source

Step 3. Generate ad campaign URL

Click the "Campaign URL Builder" button in the top right corner.


Then the builder will show up.


Enter the landing page url, then choose the traffic source, copy the generated campaign url, use it to setup campaign on your traffic sources like google ads, facebook ads...etc.


Some traffic sources have many different field names when creating campaign, such as: "Destination / Final URL" and "UTM Parameters / Tracking Macros".

To fill these two fields, you can split the campaign url above by "?", the first part would be "Final URL", the second part is "Tracking Macros"

What should I fill in "Final URL" or "Tracking Macros" ?

Step 4. Verifying your setup

Now let's verify that your setup is working correctly, copy the campaign URL from step 3, open it in your browser, hover the mouse over the CTA button, right click and then select the Inspect menu to inspect the html element.


You should see click id placeholder have been replaced with a random string.

If you are not seeing a random string, but something else like %7Bmc_click_id%7D or mc_click_id, and you are using page builder, then big chances are that your page builder doesn't support the placeholder {mc_click_id}.

In this case, please use our secondary click id placeholder _mc_click_id_ (mind the underline at the start and end), so your button link should looks like:

<a href="" target="_blank">Order Now</a>

Step 5. Setup conversion tracking

The last step is to setup conversions tracking, so you can get sales numbers and commission report in MaxConv.

If you are working with affiliate networks like Clickbank, then go to Affiliate Network page in MaxConv panel to add your affiliate network. We have 270+ pre-built templates with S2S conversion postback url.


If you are promoting your own product, then you need to store MaxConv click id when visitors go to your product page, then fire the universal conversions tracking url when you got sales. Check Tracking Conversions for Your own Product


I don't need to create offer, lander and campaign in tracker?

No, you didn't, you don't need to create elements like offers, landers or campaign like in other ad tracking software, In MaxConv, our platform is constantly monitoring your traffic and once we found new elements, they will be automaticlly listed on your account.

I have visited the campaign URL myself, why is there no stats in my account?

The first time we list your new elements, it takes 1~2 minutes, however, you can check live traffic on Events Page

I promote offers directly without landing page, how can I track such campaign?

Follow Promote Offer without Lander guide.

Follow Scenario 2. Redirect to offer in One Lander and One Offer guide.

How to track multiple landing pages in campaign?

Follow Multiple Landers guide.

How to track multiple offers in campaign?

Follow Multiple Offers guide.

I'm promoting my own product, how can I track conversions / sales?

Follow Tracking Conversions for Your own Product guide.

How can I display visitor's feature data like country, or browser name on landing page?

Our tracking script can display those data, no javascript code required.

Read Display Visitor's Feature Data