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One Lander and One Offer

Depends on whether you want to redirect to offer or not, choose one of below scenario to setup tracking.

Scenario 1. Directly to offer

flowchart LR ad(Ads) --> lp(Landing page) --> offer(Offer)

If you want visitors go directly to a lander and then directly to a offer with zero tracker redirection, follow the Get Started Guide.

Scenario 2. Redirect to offer

flowchart LR ad(Ads) --> lp(Landing page) --> |tracker redirection| offer(Offer)

Follow these step to setup redirection to offer:

Step 1. Enable offer url masking

The offer url masking feature allow you to create another entry point, to enable it, edit your offer setting, switch to the "URL Masking" tab.


Enable the "Url Masking", provide masking link slug and choose the masking method, then save the new settings.

Step 2 Use masked URL on landing page

After enabling url masking, copy the masked url in offer list page.


Use the new masked url on landing page

<!-- before -->
<a href="{mc_click_id}&sub2={t1:HASH}" target="_blank">Get Offer!</a>

<!-- after -->
<a href="{mc_click_id}&sub2={t1:HASH}" target="_blank">Get Offer!</a>

Now when visitor click on the button, they will be redirected to offer url by the masking method you set.

Step 3. Generate ad Campaign URL

Click the "Campaign URL Builder" button in the top right corner.


Then the builder will show up.


Enter the landing page url, then choose the traffic source, copy the generated campaign url, use it to setup campaign on your traffic sources like google ads, facebook ads...etc.