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Campaign URL Builder

After we build all the steps of our funnel, it is important to start create ad campaign in ad networks, to do that, you always need a campaign url.

MaxConv have a easy-to-use tool for that purpose - Campaign URL Builder, which locates on the top right corner, you can access it in every page of MaxConv panel.


Click the button to launch campaign url builder.


  1. Choose where your visitors arrive after they clicking your ads.

  2. Choose the traffic source that you are going to advertise.

  3. (Optional) provide campaign name, this is optional if your traffic source have token set to campaign name role, for more details, please check the "Campaign Name" section below.

Then you can copy the full ad campaign URL in the blue area.

Campaign Name

When adding traffic source in MaxConv, you can set role for tokens, one of the most important role is campaign name


If your traffic source have a token with campaign name role, then MaxConv will use data from that token as your campaign name, so the campaign name in MaxConv will be the same as campaign name in your ad network.

However, not every ad network provide tracking token for campaign name, so when there is no token with campaign name role, MaxConv will use data from campaign id role as your campaign name.

If there is no campaign name role and campaign id role in your traffic source, you can set campaign name manually in the Campaign URL Builder:


What should I fill in "Final URL" or "Tracking Macros" ?

There are many different field names when creating campaign in ad networks, but in general they can be grouped to two category.

  • Destination URL is the plain page url after visitors clicking ads, some other names for this field are: "Final URL", "Content URL" or "Creative URL".

  • Tracking Parameters is the url parameters that used to track visitor's and campaign's data, some other names for this field are: "Tracking Macros", "UTM Parameters" or "URL Suffix".

So when you need to fill those fields, please split our campaign URL into two parts by question sign(?). For instance - If the campaign URL in "Campaign URL Builder" is: Ads&ad_pos={adposition}&pub={placement}

It can be split into two parts by ?:


  • utm_source=Google Ads&ad_pos={adposition}&pub={placement}

The first part is Destination URL, and the second part is Tracking Parameters.

So you can put in field like "Final URL", "Content URL"...etc

and put utm_source=Google Ads&ad_pos={adposition}&pub={placement} in field like "Tracking Macros", "UTM Parameters"...etc.