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Assign Offer Name

The universal tracking script will capture inner text from clicked button and report it as affiliate offer name, for instance, if your visitors clicked the following button:

<a href="">Get Discount</a>

Then your offer name will be Get Discount, you can change the offer name anytime in MaxConv panel.

However, if you want to assign offer name in advance, just add class to the element with following format:

maxconv-offer-name--{OFFER NAME}

where {OFFER NAME} is the name you want to assign. For example:

<a href="" class="maxconv-offer-name--My+Awecome+Offer+Name">Get Discount</a>

To represent a space character in the offer name, you can use a + sign. For example: maxconv-offer-name--My+Awecome+Offer+Name will set My Awecome Offer Name as offer name.