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Tracking Script


The universal tracking script is the most important part of ad tracking, to generate tracking script, please go to Settings >> Tracking, it does the following job:

  • Track Page Views All page views are tracked as "views" in report, page views from ad campaign are tracked as "visits" (aka. sessions)

  • Track Outbound Clicks All clicks that links doesn't matched the current page domain, are trackd as "clicks" in report.

  • Generate Click ID The script will generate click id and replace {mc_click_id} in <a> and <input> with actual click id.

Universal tracking script only count clicks that happen on "external link" by default, a "external link" is a link that domain different from the landing page domain, for instance, if you have a landing page on

  • is a internal link, MaxConv won't count clicks on this link by default.

  • https://another-domain/another-product.html is a external link, MaxConv will count all clicks on such link.

If you want to count clicks that happen on internal link, add rel="external" to the link, for example:

<a href="" rel="external">Count Links on Internal Link</a>

Customize Domain Name

To use your own domain to host tracking script, you need to add your domain to MaxConv first, which is pretty simple, all you need to do is to add a DNS record, MaxConv provide Free SSL certificate for all domains.

Add Custom Domain Guide

After successfully added your domain to MaxConv, you can select the domain to generate a new tracking script, or just replace the domain in old one.

Customize File Name

MaxConv also provides the ability to customize tracking script name, the name must be between 1 and 15 characters, using only letters and digits.

To customize the script, enter the file name in the field