A scalable, affordable and effective tracker for data-driven marketers to profit more.

Track, protect & optimize your online marketing without worrying about infrastructure and budget.

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Protect your campaigns with armors

Reject traffic based on defined conditions.

  • Various Metrics

    Define a armor based on 20+ metrics, including brand & model, request header, country, isp, device type...etc

  • Insight Report

    Learn details about how each armor acted.


Work with your Favorite Traffic Channels

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Don't let your potential customer wait.

MaxConv deploy our application on global data centers to get as close as possible to your visitors, so your campaigns work lighting fast.

We also utilized premium DNS server to get fast domain resolve.

Speed is our top priority.

* latency report from https://tools.bunny.net/latency-test

Take traffic management to the next level.

Distribute traffic in different campaign model: Simple, Flow, Redirectless, Funnel

  • Simple Campaign

    The classic traffic flow, consist of a group of landers and offers.

  • Flow Campaign

    Customers walk through based on their metrics.

  • Funnel Campaign

    Unlimited funnel levels to sell.

  • Redirectless Campaign

    Visitors go directly to your lander.

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Best Platform to Grow Your Advertising Value

Save your time and money with the most powerful features.

Advanced report

Easily navigate through different dimensions of your data and get profitable insights.

Real-time data presented in the convenient analytics.

Included with...
  • Campaign Overview
  • 30 Days Trends
  • Group-by & Drilldown
  • Week/Hour Parting Report
  • Conversions Logs
  • Postback logs

Workspaces & Multi-user

Organize the work of your team. Share the elements, and distribute the workload between team members

Cookieless Tracking

Use advanced server-to-server tracking modes to avoid any browser policy restrictions.

Advanced Rules & Targeting

Retarget your traffic based on the conditions you set and improve the campaign performance.

Fly Link

Set campaigns active without waiting for review.

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