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The ultimate cloud solution for tracking, analyzing, and optimizing your marketing campaigns.

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Efficiently create, track and optimize your campaigns

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Intuitive Dashboard

Fast, clean and responsive dashboard to manage campaigns smoother than ever before

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Effortless Integration

Integrate with major ad networks, import conversions to them to feed their AI

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Performance Analysis

Find the best performing ads, creatives or placements with just a few clicks

Reach global audience with global data centers

Say goodbye to server management headaches and database corruption issues. With our global data centers, you can enjoy lightning-fast speeds and reliable performance worldwide.


Easily detect over 400 known bots and stop them with a single click.

Known moderators

Flag known moderators to get the most accurate campaigns reporting.

Client libraries

Stop programmatic traffic like Curl, Python requests, PHP, wget...etc

Data centers

Identify and eliminate useless traffic originating from over 700 known data centers.

Detect suspicious traffic, easily block it with armor

Ensuring the authenticity of your traffic is crucial for accurate analysis and effective decision-making. Our Suspicious Traffic Detection & Armor feature is designed to safeguard your campaigns by identifying and mitigating unwanted activities.

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Continuously analyze your traffic to detect suspicious patterns and behaviors.

  • Detailed Reports: Access comprehensive reports that highlight detected fraud attempts and their impact on your campaigns.

Different tracking modes

Track your campaigns in line with the latest browser privacy rules and specific requirements.

Redirect tracking

Track with the HTTP redirect method with first party cookies. Tracking scripts are available for more customization.

Direct tracking

Track paid and organic traffic with no redirects. Compliant with Google/Facebook ads requirements.

Direct rotation

Track paid and organic traffic with no redirects while rotating different pages based on rules such as country, token values.


Easily integrate with your favorite marketing channels

Seamlessly import conversions back to your ad network and synchronize ad spend with tracker

Google Ads
Meta Ads
Microsoft Ads
Tiktok Ads

Create and track complex funnels

Complex Funnel Creation & Tracking feature empowers you to build and manage intricate marketing funnels effortlessly. From initial engagement to final conversion, track every step of the customer journey with detailed insights.

Features you will love

Custom Domains with SSL

Use your own domain to track with MaxConv, each of your domains are provided with free SSL to prevent your campaigns from being considered suspicious by Google, Safari or other browsers.

Custom Event Tracking

Monitor crucial page actions, such as button clicks, scroll depth, form submissions, and more. Gain valuable insights into user interactions and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Workspaces & Multi-user Access

Collaborate efficiently within a shared environment. Manage multiple projects, assign tasks, and monitor reports with ease, ensuring everyone stays aligned and productive.

Custom Conversions Tracking

Track various types of conversions tailored to your business goals. Whether it's a purchase, sign-up, download, or any other action, easily track and analyze each conversion type to optimize your marketing strategies.