A scalable, effective and easy-to-use Ad Tracking & Attribution tool for data-driven marketers.

Measure your campaigns with insights.

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Integration with your Favorite Traffic Channels

Automatically updating ads spent to our platform, and send back conversions data to feed their AI.

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Connect with 270+ Revenue source: Affiliate networks, MMP and more.

Attribute your conversions to specific keyword, campaign and ad creative..etc. Optimize your campaign with proved data to get higher ROI.

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Build flexible sales funnel.

Distribute traffic as you want by using rotator, with one short link,

  • Various rules

    Send visitors based on 20+ rules, including brand & model, request header, country, isp, device type...etc

  • No Redirecting Rotation

    Rotate your landing page without redirection by rotator API.

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Best Platform to Grow Your Advertising Value

Save your time and money with the most powerful features.

Advanced report

Easily navigate through different dimensions of your data and get profitable insights.

Real-time data presented in the convenient analytics.

Included with...
  • Campaign Overview
  • 30 Days Trends
  • Group-by & Drilldown
  • Week/Hour Parting Report
  • Conversions Logs
  • Postback logs

Workspaces & Multi-user

Organize the work of your team. Share the elements, and distribute the workload between team members

Cookieless Tracking

Use advanced server-to-server tracking modes to avoid any browser policy restrictions.

Advanced Rules & Targeting

Retarget your traffic based on the conditions you set and improve the campaign performance.

Universal Tracking Script

Start tracking with one line pixel code

Start Your New Tracking Today!