Why MaxConv is a better ad tracker for you?

Finding the best ad tracking software is like finding a needle in a haystack. Instead, find the one that's right for you. Discover what makes MaxConv a better choice than Keitaro tracker.

Say goodbye to server management headaches and database corruption

Reach global audience with global data centers, enjoy lightning-fast speeds and reliable performance worldwide.


Integrate with traffic source at a reasonable price

Seamlessly import conversions back to your ad network and synchronize ad spend without breaking the bank, starting at $45 / month

Google Ads
Meta Ads
Microsoft Ads
Tiktok Ads

Different tracking modes, event direct tracking with rotation

Track your campaigns in line with the latest browser privacy rules and specific requirements, direct tracking with rotation is possible.

Redirect tracking

Track with the HTTP redirect method with first party cookies. Tracking scripts are available for more customization.

Direct tracking

Track paid and organic traffic with no redirects. Compliant with Google/Facebook ads requirements.

Direct rotation

Track paid and organic traffic with no redirects while rotating different pages based on rules such as country, token values.

Why settle for less? Enjoy more custom domains with free SSL

Don't be limited by the number of custom domains, we provide more custom domains with free SSL.

Each custom domain can be your dedicated domain.

Unlimited custom domains starting at $85 / month

Want unlimited custom domains? Choose Growth plan or higher


Custom event tracking

Keep a close eye on key actions on your web pages, providing valuable insights to optimize your marketing efforts.

Unlimited Action Tracking: Monitor an unlimited number of crucial page actions such as button clicks, scroll depth, form submissions, and more.

Detailed Insights: Gain comprehensive insights into user interactions, helping you understand how visitors engage with your content.

Easy Implementation: Set up and customize event tracking effortlessly with our tracking pixel.