MaxConv vs. AdsBridge

What's the best affiliate ad tracker for you?

Finding the best affiliate ad tracking software is like finding a needle in a haystack. Instead, find the one that's right for you. Use the comparison table below to discover what makes MaxConv a better choice than adsbridge.

Free plan yes, $0 with 150,000 events / month yes, $0 with 50,000 events / month
Up to 1,000,000 events / month$45 (overage $0.04 / 1k)$89 (overage $0.04 / 1k)
Up to 3,000,000 events / month$85 (overage $0.03 / 1k)$89 (overage $0.04 / 1k)
Up to 10,000,000 events / month$225 (overage $0.02 / 1k)$313 (overage $0.038 / 1k)
Custom domains on free plan one domain with SSL
Custom domains on paid planUnlimited with SSLUnlimited with SSL
Custom campaign armor yes no
Fly link (one link, multiple campaigns) yes no
Two-factor authentication protection yes no
Weekly stats email yes no
Custom landing page events yes no
Traffic source API integration (Google ads, tiktok, facebook...etc) yes no
Conversion cap yes yes
Rule-based targeting yes yes
Funnels tracking yes no
Traffic source post back percentage yes no
Drill-down and 3-level grouping yes yes
Custom grouping template yes no
Manual cost correction yes yes
Manual conversion correction yes yes
Separate workspaces yes no
Multi-users yes yes
Activity logs yes no
Impression tracking yes yes
Multi-currency yes yes
Error log yes no

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