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MaxConv Universal Tracking Script automatically tracks page views("visits" and "views" in report) and outbound clicks("clicks" in report), plus you can set up custom events and goals that allow you to track actions you want your visitors to take on your site, such as clicking a checkout button, signing up for a newsletter, or filling out a lead form.

By setting up custom events and goals, you can track the number of events, events rate, ad campaign and sources that are driving events.

After setting up a goal, it will show up in the "Table Columns" in the top right corner of reporting table. Then you can enable the particular goal column to get all the insights.

There are two types of goals in MaxConv:

  • Pageview goals allow you to get how many people visit a specific page of your site (for example, ecommerce checkout pages can be grouped into one goal using this type of goal)

  • Custom Event goals allow you to track internal clicks, purchases, form completions and any other action that you wish.