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Add Lander

The lander (aka. landing page) is a web page that your visitors arrive at after clicking the ad (campaign URL)

To add lander to MaxConv, perform following steps.


  1. Go to the Landers menu in MaxConv dashboard.

  2. Click the Create button.

  3. A creation form will appear.


  1. Type the lander name in the Name field.

  2. Choose the workspace that this element should be assigned to.

  3. (Optional) Choose the country of this lander, this field is only used for organizational purposes and does not affect the traffic distribution in any way. If your lander is intended for multiple GEOs, use the Global option.

  4. Type your lander URL, you can add extra tokens to transfer additional information to lander.

  5. (Optional) Add tags to enhance search functionality.

  6. (Optional) The implement section includes all necessary information and you should add to lander's html.

    • Tracking domain: Choose your preferred tracking domain, the domain will be used in the tracking script and click URL. This option is only used for your reference, it won't affect traffic distribution in any way.

    • Lander Tracking Script: This script is mandatory only when using [Direct] transition method. The domain in the script does NOT have to be the same as lander domain or campaign link domain.

    • Click URL: This URL should be used as CTA (call to action) button link on the lander.

    • Lander Anti-Spy PHP Script: This script can help preventing direct access to the lander. To ensure it functions properly, the lander URL must include the lp_key={lp_key} parameter.


1. How can I send visitors to particular offer?

To send visitors to particular offer, add the offer number in https://YOUR-DOMAIN/click/N format, where "N" is the number of offer in campaign funnel.

For instance, to send visitors to the second offer, use https://YOUR-DOMAIN/click/2 as CTA link.

2. Where should I put the tracking script?

It's recommended to add tracking script between <head>...</head> of your lander's html, but if that's not possible, adding script in other place(e.g. between <body>...</body>) is okay.

3. My click URL doesn't work, what to do?

Test your campaign via Campaign URL. If you do not start with Campaign URL, MaxConv won't be able to identify a visit.