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Option I - S2S Postback

S2S postback URL is a target URL used by an affiliate network to send conversion information to MaxConv. To track conversions and revenue from affiliate network, you need to make sure you have done two steps correctly.

Most affiliate networks support several parameters that can be used to transfer data to them, for instance - sub1 ~ sub8 are supported in Affise platform, sub1 ~ sub5 are supported in Everflow platform.

The first step is to determine two things below

  • A parameter supported by affiliate network, which is used to send MaxConv click id to them. For instance - sub1, aff_sub2 or s2...etc.

  • The corresponding placeholder, which is used to configure affiliate network to send our click id back to MaxConv. For instance - {sub1}, {aff_sub2} or #s2#...etc.

If you utilize our templates to add an affiliate network, we have included all necessary information for you.

However, if your affiliate network is not listed, you can create a custom affiliate network, refer to your affiliate manager or their document on the two information above.

Once you have the necessary information ready, proceed with the following steps.

  1. Go to the Affiliate Network menu in MaxConv, click the Create button.


  1. Enable Offer URL Suffix option, type the parameter with value {mc_click_id} in the textarea, for instance - if your affiliate network recommends using s2 to transfer click id, then type s2={mc_click_id}.

  2. Provide the click id placeholder that is supported by your affiliate network. For instance - #s2#

  3. (Optional) You can provide additional placeholder to track more conversion information.

  4. Choose your preferred tracking domain.

  5. Copy the URL, go to your affiliate network platform, find settings like "Postback", "Converstion Webhook", and paste the URL into the appropriate field.


1. Do I need to add {mc_click_id} to offer URL every time I create an offer in MaxConv?

No, you don't need to. Once you have set the Offer URL Suffix in affiliate network, all offers associated with this network will automatically have the suffix added to their URL when redirecting.

2. Do the S2S postback domain and campaign tracking domains need to be same?

No, they don't need to be same. When using S2S postback, all notifications are performed on the server end, so you can use any domain in s2s postback URL.