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Track Conversions via S2S Postback

S2S postback URL is a target URL used by an affiliate network to send information about conversion to MaxConv. To track conversions and revenue from affiliate network, you need to make sure you have correctly done two steps.


Step 1. Pass MaxConv click id to affiliate network

Most affiliate network support a few tokens tracking, for instance, sub1 - sub8 are supported in Affise platform, sub1 - sub5 are supported in Everflow platform.

You need to choose a token to send MaxConv click id. If you add affiliate network from one of our template, then we have filled that token for you, otherwise, please consult your affiliate manager. Let's choose sub1 as example in our guide.

If you choose sub1 as the token to send maxconv click id, then you need to append &sub1={mc_click_id} to all offer url when adding offer in MaxConv.

You can also configure the Offer URL Suffix to let MaxConv automatically do it for you.

Offer URL Suffix

The offer url suffix is a feature that allow you to enter parameters that will be attached to the end of your offer URL so you send information to affiliate network side. For instance - if you put sub1={mc_click_id}&sub5={traffic_source_id} in offer URL suffix, then MaxConv will append this suffix to offer url everytime we redirect visitor to the offer.


The offer URL suffix only works if there is a redirection handled by MaxConv, if you put offer url as CTA button in landing page, MaxConv will unable to append URL suffix.

Step 2. Configure S2S Postback URL in affiliate network

After we have send MaxConv click id to affiliate network, they will need a url where they can send conversions information back to MaxConv.

To get s2s postback url, you can click the Create button on affiliate networks page, then choose your affiliate network from our pre-built template, copy the s2s postback url and set it to your affiliate network postback setting.

But my affiliate network is not listed in affiliate network templates

If your affiliate network is not listed in affiliate network templates, go to Settings > Tracking > Conversions Tracking, copy the postback url.


You need to edit the copied postback url to correctly pass data from an affiliate network to MaxConv. The postback URL parameters should be updated with the corresponding tokens defined by your affiliate network. To find those tokens you need to refer to the affiliate network documentation, or contact your affiliate manager.


Each affiliate network may have different names for what in MaxConv is considered as a token. They might refer to it as names like "macro", "sub id" or "tracking parameter"...etc, but whatever the name is, it has to refer to an automatically replaceable character string that will be replaced with actual value.

MaxConv have also provided a few paste-ready postback url for major Partner Marketing Platforms, if your affilaite network is powered by one of those platform, you can also copy and paste it to affiliate network side.

To learn the meaning of each parameters in s2s postback url, check S2S Postback URL Parameters