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Part I - Basic

Before creating a MaxConv campaign, you must complete the previous steps to add the necessary elements:

Add Affiliate Network

Add Traffic Source

Add Offer

Add Lander

To create campaign in MaxConv, perform follow steps:


  1. Go to the Campaigns menu in MaxConv dashboard.

  2. Click the Create button.

A creation form will appear, the form includes three tabs: Basic, Destinations and Tracking


  1. Choose the workspace that this element should be assigned to.

  2. Type the campaign name in the Name field.

  3. (Optional) Choose the country for this campaign, this field is only used for organizational purposes and does not affect the traffic distribution in any way. If your campaign is intended for multiple GEOs, use the Global option.


    When changing the country field of the campaign, the Lander and Offer drop down menus will be updated, only the lander or offer with the same country as the campaign will be included in the drop down list.

  4. Choose a traffic source that you have previously created. The traffic source's name will be automatically added as a prefix to the campaign's name.

  5. Choose the cost currency.

  6. Select the cost model.

    • Auto: The auto cost model will track cost via traffic source parameter, or via integration api.

    • CPC: Cost-per-click model, where you pay for every time a user clicks on an ad.

    • CPA: Cost-per-action model adds cost to your campaign every time a successful post-back is sent to the traffic source.

    • Revenue Share: This model adds cost to the campaign by sharing a fixed percentage of the offer payout.

  7. Choose the transition method from ad to campaign

    • Redirect: The classic redirection method, visitors go to MaxConv campaign link after clicking ad, campaign link then redirects them to campaign funnel. Split testing is supported on this method.

    • Direct: Visitors go to the campaign funnel after clicking ad, there is no tracker redirection between ad and campaign funnel, however, split testing is not supported on this method.

    • Direct rotation by php: Visitors go to the campaign funnel after clicking ad, there is no tracker redirection between ad and campaign funnel, split testing is also supported on this method, but you need a php-enabled server to host MaxConv php client.


  1. (Optional) Add tags to enhance search functionality.

  2. Edit advanced settings for this campaign, this section includes the following settings:

Send conversions to traffic source


Set unique postback for this campaign, if one of these settings is enabled, it will be used instead of the traffic source default postback settings.

Campaign token


Set unique traffic source parameter you want to track for this campaign.


You can also hardcode any value in the Placeholder field of the campaign token, these values will also be recorded, such usage will make the campaign token work like campaign metadata. It's extremely useful when combined with postback URL.

Google-certified tracking


MaxConv is a Google certified tracker, you can generate a Google certified click tracker link by enabling this option.

Learn more about Google certified tracking



Assign armors to this campaign to stop unwanted traffic.



Type your internal notes for this campaign.


1. What are the benefits of using Google-certified tracking?

It is simply a white list domain that can be used in the Google Ads tracking template, and you won't encounter the "uncertified" error.

Nonetheless, it does NOT provide a 100% assurance that your ads will always be approved, or that your Google Ads account will remain completely safe.

2. Can I use conditional path with google certified tracking?

Yes, but with limitations. If a matched path has the same domain and path as the "next immediate hop URL," MaxConv will redirect to that path. Otherwise, MaxConv will always redirect to the next immediate hop URL.

For example, if you set url as "next immediate hop url" in your campaign, and have a conditional path with url, MaxConv will redirect to the conditional path if there is a match, since both share the identical domain and path /awesome-product.

But if your conditional path is, then MaxConv will always redirect to the value of "next immediate hop url". even if the conditional path is matched.

3. Can I use my own domain to get certified link?

No, the google certification is at the domain level, adding your domain to our tracking platform does not automatically certify it, you have to use our certified domain.

4. Do I need to assign armor to each campaign if I have set that armor as global armor?

No, you don't need to assign global armors to campaigns. Global armors are automatically applied to all campaigns.