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2024 Changelog


New Features


  • Drag and drop to reorder campaign paths.

  • New macro {postback_timestamp} (only available in postback URL)

  • Integrations workspace management.

Improvements & Changes

  • Remove legacy links in the campaign tracking tab.

  • Remove cookie-based uniqueness rule.


  • Fix unexpected behavior when editing campaign with specific country.

  • Fix wrong suspicious detection in extreme cases.

  • Fix wrong campaign token attribution when using dynamic value in direct tracking.


New Features


  • Search by lander's URL domain name and replace with new domain.

  • Search by offers's URL domain name and replace with new domain.


  • New action button to copy campaign URL, the campaign URL will use main domain name, if you want to change the campaign URL domain name, simplely modify it in the campaign editing form. For Direct tracking campaign, clicking the button will now open the tracking tab for your convenience.


  • Truncate long names in dashboard.

  • Remember the sorting in report.

  • Always set parsed os version and browser version as max versioning to minor version, examples: 3.4, 5.6


  • Fix unexpected behavior when matching bwlist data in flow rules.

  • Fix occasionally timeout when loading today or yesterday stats in dashboard.

Scheduled deprecated feature removal

The following deprecated feature will be removed at Mar 17, 2024:


  • Legacy links in the campaign tracking tab. Please migrate to latest direct tracking as soon as possible.


  • Cookie-based uniqueness rule, this rule is cookie based and can be easily bypass.


New Features


  • Add customizable charts and performers to dashboard.


  • Add float action buttons when the mouse is over the campaign/flow/lander/offer name.

  • Add this changelog.


  • ExoClick integration timezone is now American/New_York according to their support.

  • Directly open the modification form when duplicating a campaign.

  • Remove the limit on cost corrector in the same time period.

  • Support phone number as offer URL, such as tel:5555555555.


  • Fix Goals are not fully listed in the column settings when over 10 goals.

  • Fix maxconv('logEvent') function always attribute to the first lander.

  • Fix broken document link in the first step of integration setup.

  • Reset path id when duplicating flow, flow rule or campaign.

  • Reset path id when load from shared flow, or save to shared flow.

  • Fix inconsistent result when searching by keyword in extreme cases.