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Option II - Conversion Tracking Pixel

When S2S postbacks are not supported, you can still track conversions by using the conversion tracking pixel.

Tracking pixels are a cookie-based solution, so they do not rely on the click ID being passed in an offer URL. Tracking pixels are always placed after the actual conversion has taken place, such as on the "thank you" page.

To set up a conversion tracking pixel, perform following steps.


  1. Go to the Affiliate Network section in MaxConv.

  2. Click the Create button.


  1. Click the Custom Affiliate Network Card.

  2. On the creation form, scroll down to the Conversion tracking section.


  1. Choose your preferred tracking domain.

  2. Choose the pixel type, either Tracking Pixel or Tracking Script.

  3. Copy the tracking pixel code to any text editor, edit it with appropriate parameters. You can now close the creation form.


    The tracking pixel will automatically fetch the value of clid parameter, so there is no need to edit this parameter.

  4. Paste the conversion tracking pixel to the "Thank You" page.


1. What's the difference between Pixel and Script?

These are the two types of conversion tracking pixel, both of which support third-party cookie-based tracking.

The tracking script also supports first-party cookie-based tracking when using Direct Campaign Tracking.

2. Do the tracking pixel domain and campaign tracking domains need to be identical?

When using tracking pixel, you need to use the same domain as the campaign URL domain.

However, when using tracking script, the pixel's domain can be different from the campaign's domain because the script can support first-party cookie.