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A s2s conversions postback url in MaxConv looks like:


it include following parameters:

  • clid. The only required parameter, it should be original MaxConv Click ID.

  • payout. This parameter is used to pass the revenue of offer conversion.

  • currency. This parameter is used to pass the payout currency, if not provided, USD will be used as default.

  • txid. This is used to pass transaction id for each conversion, you can pass unique id to track every conversions even if the click id is same.

  • event. The event parameter is used to track custom conversions, you can define up to 20 custom conversions in MaxConv, use this paramter to fire appropriate one.

    To make this paramter work, you should first create a custom conversion.

    Learn more about custom conversions.

  • secret. The secret parameter is used to protect your conversion post back, you can add different secret for different affiliate network.

  • user_id. The external user id you want to record.

  • user_first_name. The first name and last name of converted user.

  • user_last_name. The last name of converted user.

  • user_email. The email address of converted user.

  • user_phone. The phone number of converted user.

  • user_gender. The user gender, should be either male or female.

  • user_birth. Date of birth, most formats are supported, such as 2008-06-30, 2008/6/30, 06/30/2008, 30-June 2008...etc

  • param_1, param_2, param_3, param_4, param_5. Any information about conversions you want to record.


The user_email and user_phone value are encrypted in database.

All values can be found at "Conversions" page.

Postback secret


To prevent fake conversions from sophisticated bots or from spy, you can protect your post back url by enable "Postback Secret".

Once enabled, you need to put a few characters as a secret, or click the button to let system generate random secret for you.

Then add the &secret=YOUR-SECRET to your post back url. Post back request with wrong secret will be rejected. So don't share this secret with anyone once you save the affiliate network details.


The Postback Secret is set on affiliate network level, which means if set a secret for an affiliate network, won't affect postback for other affiliate networks.